Exhibit Your Knowledge of Famous Museums

Exhibit Your Knowledge of Famous Museums

January 10, 2023

While there is nothing setting foot inside the museum and laying your eyes on the world famous art that was created by a renowned artist many centuries ago. It is not always possible to go on a plane to cities such as Paris, and New York to tour the gallery halls in person. You can also take the information by sitting at home and planning your future trips to museums.
Google arts and culture have more than 1200 galleries and museums around the world and it helps in bringing everyone virtual and online tours with the best museums around the world.
Museums all around the world
Take a look at Google’s top museums all around the world and they are offering online exhibits and tours. There are few museums that will make you steal your breath and you desire to see it at least once in your lifetime. Below is the list of top museums that are worth visiting.

1. Le Louvre In Paris, France

Here visitors can learn about western art from the Middle Ages and also ancient civilization. By visiting the Louvre and its holdings, visitors love every vibe of the museum. It provides a different historical perspective to consider. This royal museum served as the power center and it was also home to many French chiefs of state. It serves as one of the primary backgrounds to the history of France and Paris and is a popular museum.


2. The Metropolitan Museum Of Art In New York, USA

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is in New York City USA. It is also known as the Met and it is the country’s largest art museum. The met cloisters and the met fifth avenue are 2 New York City locations where visitors can enjoy over 5000 years of art throughout the world. Art is alive every day in the museum gallery, activities, and exhibitions and it exposes new ideas and connections across countries and time.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is in New York City USA

3. The British Museum In London, United Kingdom

The British Museum was founded in 1753 and it was first opened in 1759 in London. It was the first museum that compassed all the branches of human knowledge and helped in welcoming visitors from all over the world. There is no other museum with the same vibe and with the same depth as well as the same beauty. Its 8 million objects allow people to learn about human culture and large empires.

The British Museum

4. The Uffizi Galleries In Florence Italy

The Uffizi galleries are located on the first and second floor of the huge edifice that was planned by Giorgio and it was built between 1560 and 1580. This museum is well known for its collections of unique paintings and sculptures. Some of the great masterpieces can be found in the paintings collections from the renaissance period. This gallery also has important collections of antique statues and it adorns and includes ancient masterpieces.

The Uffizi Galleries In Florence Italy

5. The State Hermitage Museum In St Petersburg Russia

The state hermitage museum is the world’s largest museum. It was established in 1764 when it purchased amazing masterpieces from Berlin. This museum now contains 3 million objects of artifacts and art from all over the world. Graphic works, sculptures, paintings, and works of applied art are among the works that are on display. The treasures are housed in the 6 buildings along the palace that includes the winter palace which was the residence of Russian emperors.

The State Hermitage Museum In St Petersburg Russia

6. Musee D’orsay In Paris France

The Musee Dorsey is in the shadow of the louver but any art or Parisian liver knows that this museum is the place to go if you want to be surrounded by sculptures, furniture, photographs, and paintings. In 202 this museum will receive 0.87 million visitors which will fall down from 3.65 million in 2019.

Musee D'orsay In Paris France

7. The Vatican Museums In Vatican City, Italy

While the Vatican City is home to many roman churches that govern the body and its head. It also offers cultural attractions to visitors of all faiths. The world-famous museum is the must see for any visitor of the Catholic Church. It includes some of the world’s most famous Roman sculptures and also the most famous masterpieces.

The Vatican Museums In Vatican City, Italy

8. The Prado In Madrid Spain

The architect created the structure that now houses the Pardo in 1785. This museum was built to hold the natural history cabinet, the building’s final use as the new royal museum for sculptures and paintings. It was decided by the monarch’s grandson with the support of his wife. The Pardo museum first opened its doors to the public in 1819 and now it is the most visited art museum in the world. It recorded 3 million annual visits and a web presence that reached 10 million.

The Prado In Madrid Spain

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