100 Random Trivia Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

100 Random Trivia Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

April 08, 2023

Trivia facts are small pieces of information that may not seem important at first glance, but they can surprise you with their uniqueness and impressiveness. They can range from science to history, and from animals to humans. In this article, we have gathered 100 random trivia facts that will surely blow your mind. So, let’s dive in and learn something new today!

Science Trivia

  1. The human nose can detect over 1 trillion different scents.
  2. A lightning bolt is five times hotter than the sun’s surface.
  3. The world’s oceans contain more than 20 million tons of gold.
  4. The coldest temperature ever recorded on Earth was -128.6°F (-89.2°C) in Antarctica.
  5. If you could fold a piece of paper in half 42 times, it would be thick enough to reach the moon.

Animal Trivia

  1. A group of flamingos is called a flamboyance.
  2. A kangaroo can jump up to three times its own body length.
  3. Sloths only defecate once a week.
  4. A crocodile’s tongue is attached to the roof of its mouth and cannot move.
  5. The longest recorded flight of a chicken is 13 seconds.

History Trivia

  1. The shortest war in history was between Britain and Zanzibar in 1896, which lasted only 38 minutes.
  2. The world’s first novel, The Tale of Genji, was written by a woman named Murasaki Shikibu in the 11th century.
  3. The shortest-reigning monarch in history was King Louis XIX of France, who ruled for just 20 minutes.
  4. The oldest continuously inhabited city in the world is Damascus, Syria, which has been inhabited for over 11,000 years.
  5. The first recorded Olympic games were held in 776 BC in Olympia, Greece.

Food Trivia

  1. Carrots were originally purple and white, not orange.
  2. Apples float in water because they are one-quarter air.
  3. The world’s most expensive spice, saffron, is harvested from the stigmas of crocus flowers.
  4. Ketchup was originally a fish sauce in China.
  5. The world’s largest pizza was made in Rome, Italy, in 2012 and measured 13,580.28 square feet.

Human Body Trivia

  1. The strongest muscle in the human body is the masseter, the muscle that controls chewing.
  2. Humans shed about 600,000 particles of skin every hour, which is about 1.5 pounds of skin each year.
  3. The average person has about 100,000 hairs on their head.
  4. The human eye can distinguish about 10 million different colors.
  5. The human body contains enough fat to make seven bars of soap.

Music Trivia

  1. The longest song ever recorded is “The Rise and Fall of Bossanova,” which is 13 hours and 23 minutes long.
  2. The first music video to air on MTV was “Video Killed the Radio Star” by the Buggles.
  3. The Beatles used the word “love” in their songs 613 times.
  4. The first song ever played in outer space was “Jingle Bells” by the Gemini 6 astronauts.
  5. Beethoven was completely deaf when he composed some of his most famous works.

Geography Trivia

  1. The only continent with no active volcanoes is Australia.
  2. The country with the most time zones is France, with 12 different time zones.
  3. The highest point on Earth, Mount Everest, is actually not the farthest point from the center of the Earth due to the planet’s irregular shape.
  4. The country with the longest coastline is Canada, which has a coastline of over 200,000 kilometers.
  5. The lowest point on Earth is the Dead Sea, which sits at 430 meters below sea level.

Technology Trivia

  1. The first computer mouse was made of wood.
  2. The first email was sent in 1971 by Ray Tomlinson.
  3. The first website was published in 1991.
  4. The first smartphone, the IBM Simon, was introduced in 1993.
  5. The first webcam was created in 1991 at the University of Cambridge.

Sports Trivia

  1. The first modern Olympic games were held in Athens, Greece in 1896.
  2. The sport of rugby was named after the Rugby School in England, where it was first played.
  3. The longest tennis match in history lasted for 11 hours and five minutes.
  4. The oldest soccer club in the world is Sheffield FC, which was founded in 1857.
  5. The fastest recorded serve in tennis was 163.7 miles per hour, by Samuel Groth of Australia.

Movie Trivia

  1. The highest-grossing movie of all time is Avatar, which earned over $2.8 billion worldwide.
  2. The longest movie ever made is Logistics, which has a runtime of 857 hours (35 days and 17 hours).
  3. The first feature-length animated movie ever released was Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, in 1937.
  4. The first movie to win all five major Academy Awards was It Happened One Night in 1934.
  5. The first movie ever shown on an airplane was The Lost World, in 1925.

Language Trivia

  1. The word “set” has the most definitions of any word in the English language, with over 430 different meanings.
  2. The longest word in the English language is “pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis,” which is a lung disease caused by inhaling very fine silica particles.
  3. The shortest complete sentence in the English language is “I am.”
  4. The word “quiz” was invented by a Dublin theater owner who bet that he could make up a new word and get people to use it within 24 hours.
  5. The only word in the English language that ends in “mt” is “dreamt.”

Art Trivia

  1. The Mona Lisa has no eyebrows.
  2. The most expensive painting ever sold is the Salvator Mundi by Leonardo da Vinci, which was sold for $450 million in 2017.
  3. The first known sculpture is the Venus of Berekhat Ram, which dates back to about 230,000 years ago.
  4. The color “ultraviolet” does not exist in the rainbow.
  5. The world’s largest art museum is the Louvre in Paris, France, which has over 38,000 pieces on display.

Miscellaneous Trivia

  1. The shortest distance between two points on Earth that goes through the Earth’s center is 12,742 kilometers.
  2. The oldest known fossil is about 3.5 billion years old.
  3. The longest English word without repeating a letter is “uncopyrightable.”
  4. The first recorded use of the word “hello” was by Thomas Edison in 1877.
  5. The world’s largest snowflake on record was 15 inches wide and 8 inches thick.
  6. The longest place name in the world is Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateaturipukakapikimaungahoronukupokaiwhenuakitanatahu, a hill in New Zealand.
  7. The world’s largest egg weighed over 2.5 kilograms.
  8. The longest wedding veil ever worn was over 63 meters long.
  9. The tallest tree ever recorded was over 379 feet tall.
  10. The world’s largest toy airplane collection belongs to Peter Bakonyi of Hungary, who has over 20,000 toy planes.
  11. The first product to have a barcode was Wrigley’s Gum.
  12. The longest book title contains 26,021 characters and is “The Historical Overview of the Defeat of Communist Insurgency in Guangxi Province.”
  13. The world’s largest snow maze was built in Warren, Vermont, and measured over 14,000 square feet.
  14. The tallest statue in the world is the Statue of Unity in India, which stands over 597 feet tall.
  15. The first person to reach the South Pole was Roald Amundsen.
  16. The world’s largest collection of Star Wars memorabilia is owned by Steve Sansweet and contains over 300,000 items.
  17. The world’s smallest mammal is the bumblebee bat, which weighs less than a penny.
  18. The first known computer programmer was Ada Lovelace, who worked with Charles Babbage in the 1800s.
  19. The world’s largest chocolate bar weighed over 5,000 pounds.
  20. The tallest mountain in the solar system is Olympus Mons on Mars, which is over 13 miles high.
  21. The first U.S. president to be born in a hospital was Jimmy Carter.
  22. The world’s longest street is Yonge Street in Toronto, Canada, which stretches over 1,178 miles.
  23. The first film to feature a flushing toilet was Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho.”
  24. The world’s largest natural bridge is the Xianren Bridge in China, which is over 400 feet long.
  25. The first person to win two Nobel Prizes was Marie Curie.
  26. The world’s largest collection of teddy bears belongs to Jackie Miley of the United States and contains over 8,000 bears.
  27. The largest pumpkin grew and weighed over 2,600 pounds.
  28. The first animal in space was a dog named Laika, who was sent by the Soviet Union in 1957.
  29. The world’s smallest bird is the bee hummingbird, which weighs less than a dime.
  30. The first computer mouse was invented in 1964 by Douglas Engelbart.
  31. The world’s largest ball of twine was created by Francis Johnson and weighs over 17,000 pounds.
  32. The first female astronaut was Valentina Tereshkova, who flew on the Vostok 6 mission in 1963.
  33. The world’s largest rubber band ball weighs over 9,000 pounds.
  34. The longest continuous rail line in the world is the Trans-Siberian Railway, which stretches over 5,772 miles.
  35. The world’s largest collection of seashells belongs to Jeannette and Hugh Sweeney of the United States and contains over 600,000 shells.
  36. The first recorded instance of a person being hit by a meteorite was in 1954.
  37. The world’s largest hot dog was over 203 feet long and weighed over 120 pounds.
  38. The world’s largest jigsaw puzzle contains over 551,232 pieces and measures 27 feet by 6 feet.
  39. The world’s largest collection of Star Wars memorabilia contains over 300,000 items and is owned by Steve Sansweet.
  40. The largest collection of traffic cones is owned by David Morgan of the UK and contains over 550 cones.

So there you have it, 100 random trivia facts that will blow your mind. It’s amazing how much there is to learn about the world around us, and these facts are just a small sampling of all the incredible information out there. Whether you’re looking to impress your friends with your knowledge or just want to expand your own horizons, there’s no shortage of fascinating trivia to discover. So go out there and keep learning!


Trivia is a great way to learn about the world and expand your knowledge in a fun and engaging way. From science and history to art and language, there’s a wealth of interesting information out there waiting to be discovered. Whether you’re a trivia buff or just looking to impress your friends, these 100 facts are sure to leave you amazed and entertained.


  1. Why is trivia important?
    Trivia is important because it helps us learn new things and expand our knowledge about the world around us. It’s a fun and engaging way to learn and can help keep our minds sharp.
  2. How do I become good at trivia?
    To become good at trivia, you need to have a wide range of knowledge about different subjects. Reading books, watching documentaries, and playing trivia games are all great ways to expand your knowledge and improve your trivia skills.
  3. Why do people enjoy trivia?
    People enjoy trivia because it’s a fun and engaging way to learn new things and show off their knowledge. It’s a great way to connect with others and can be played in groups or individually.
  4. What is the most interesting trivia fact?
    The most interesting trivia fact is subjective and varies from person to person. However, some commonly cited interesting facts include the fact that there are more possible iterations of a game of chess than there are atoms in the observable universe, and that a single strand of spaghetti is technically called a “spaghetto.”
  5. Is trivia only for entertainment purposes?
    While trivia is often used for entertainment purposes, it can also be used for educational purposes. Trivia games and quizzes can be used in classrooms to help students learn new subjects in a fun and engaging way.

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